Little Boys





My grandson Matthew

gave my grandson Kaden

the gift of a nickname,


which he will never be able to share.

They will never play together,

be friends

or accomplices

in some childhood subterfuge.

Matthew will go on,


But will hold in his heart the thought of his cousin,

Kaden Anthony.

Until one day he can tell his own son,

about the friend he never knew.

 K. Hanson, Kaden’s Grandfather


Losing you

In the midst of the surreal agony

Of losing you 

When day was night

And time was liquid,

Was a precious moment

When I held your weight in my arms

And I felt eternal joy.

Claudia Burris, Kaden’s Grandmother


Thank you

Thank you for including me in

Joyous trips to check out cribs, strollers, and new-fangled equipment.

Thank you for letting me sneak

Just a few more adorable outfits into the pile.

Thank you for sharing exercise and fresh air

As you nurtured your baby with healthy energy.

Thank you for inviting me to be the

Grandma in the prenatal yoga class.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your parenting –

The indescribable joys and the surreal sorrow.

Thank you for revealing to me

Your strength as individuals, the power of your partnership, the depth of your devotion to your son.

Thank you for allowing me

To hold your precious child.

Claudia Burris, Kaden’s Grandmother



Diplomas on the wall

Title on the door

All that really matters is

Mom, Wife, Friend,

And Kaden’s Grandma.

Claudia Burris, Kaden’s Grandmother